All About Target REDcard & How It Can Save You Hundreds


All About Target REDcard

Shopping at Target has gotten much more rewarding in recent years and it is in large part due to the REDcard savings and benefits. The Target REDcard is a debit card that offers up all kinds of extra perks for your Target shopping experience. If you are a Target shopper and don’t have the REDcard, you might want to reconsider…that is, if you like saving money.

Here are some benefits to owning this Target debit card:

:: 5% Off Rewards benefits

How would you like to have 5% of your total bill sliced off every single time you shop at Target? The debit card does exactly that and it is in addition to the regular savings that Target offers. This 5% is nothing to sneeze at. Over time that adds up to a ton of cash.

For the longest time I passed up the REDcard because we put everything on our credit card for the frequent flier miles. Then I did the math. If I spend $5000 at Target in the course of a year (that’s $50/week) the 5% off would save me $250. In contrast, that same $5000 would only give me $100 towards a plane ticket with our frequent flier program. That’s a no brainer in my mind. I now have a REDcard. Plus these rewards are also good when you shop at

:: Free Shipping at

If  you are more of an online shopper, might be your way of doing things. When you pay with your REDcard, shipping is free no matter how little you buy. That can truly add up if you are buying things that usually cost a good bit to ship. There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking you will come out much cheaper by using the debit card on Free shipping goes a very long way when you combine that with 5% off the top.

:: Extra Time to Return Items

If you are a procrastinator (like me) or simply like to take your time, returns can be a catching point with many retailers. If you pass that magical return day number you are generally out of luck. With the Target debit card, you have an additional month to return your merchandise. That gives you more time to evaluate your purchases and make a decision. More time is always a good thing – especially when you have an aversion to returns like me.

:: Link Up With Your School for Rewards

If you link up your REDcard to your elementary, middle or high school, Target will donate up to 1% to them for expenses. This is all on top of the various discounts and rewards mentioned above. It is a wonderful way to help out your community and enjoy the benefits of debit cards at the same time.

:: Pharmacy Discounts

If you fill your prescriptions at Target pharmacies, you will gain more benefits. In addition to the 5% off you already receive, the REDcard gives you an additional 5% off for a day when you fill a certain number of prescriptions.  This is another great way to save when you put these savings together.

The Target REDcard is a wonderful way to save money and have a convenient way to pay all at the same time. If you are a regular shopper at Target, having one is a very logical step. Sign up today and give it a try and see what you think!

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  1. Brandy says

    Good to know. In the past year, I’ve started doing some of my grocery shopping there as well. I’m all about savings these days.

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