McDonald’s vs. Fresh Foods: Which is Cheaper?

A friend of mine on Facebook shared this interesting graphic done by the New York Times. It compares McDonald’s prices to Home-Cooked Meal prices. I find this really interesting.

As you know America has an obesity epidemic. One major reason for that is people (wrongly) assume that fast food is cheaper than healthy food. One of the main arguments people give for just getting Fast Food is that it is cheaper and quicker than cooking at home.

This graphic shows the cost and nutrition of a meal for four at McDonald’s versus two different home cooked options. While I know few would argue that fast food is healthier than home cooked meals, you may find the nutrition interesting. But what I found so fascinating was the HUGE difference in price. Eating fresh foods IS CHEAPER!

So while McDonald’s may have home-cooked beat on the time factor, don’t be discouraged. Even on a limited budget you can eat fresh foods. You don’t have to eat processed foods or fast foods just to stretch your budget. And while it may take some getting used to, YOU CAN DO IT!

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    Plus if you take into account what fast food will do to your body over time and the medical costs it can incur then it really is cheaper to eat healthy! Plus you just feel better. :)

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